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Drone insurance costs vary widely depending on usage. Most Policies getting cheaper.

If you are hiring a drone operator there are several things you need to look for. Currently only operators with an FAA pilots licence can fly drones. They also need to register their craft and the PIC (Pilot in Charge) has to have what is called a section 333 exemption. AVnet did find more than a couple section 333 holders however that are not pilots. But hold on, the red tape continues. To be in full compliance there are rules for distance to the public and encroachment on adjacent private property.

Distance to airports has to be checked, and finally a puzzling FAA requirement for 3 days notice of the shoot location. Spring 2016 rates are 600-1400 depending on usage and liability range, typically one million Dollars.  Underwriters include AIG and Global Aerospace.   At least two people we spoke with were pilots as well as insurance agents. Typically it is all about risk to the public. I was told it highly unlikely that the drone you saw at that wedding was operated legally. Wile general coverage for real estate, inspections etc is going down fast, insurance for Wedding photographers has jumped to $2300 per year.

Aside from safety the big debate that isn’t really happening is privacy rights.  Most areas and states still have no rules or laws about where you can operate them.  Or more accurately where they can fly by themselves.

Insurance companies are more concerned about privacy issues than property damage or personal injury.

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