Real Estate Drone Pilot Photographer Directory - Featuring Only FAA Licensed Pilots 


For purposes of this website the word certified refers to the ability to fly drones legally for commercial applications. Specifically, being listed in our drone pilot directory indicates possession of an FAA part 107 or section 333 certification from the FAA.  AVnet.org is currently developing a “Best Practices” framework that goes beyond certification by the FAA to promote safety and proficiency. We encourage pilots that are interested in promoting safety and professionalism to contact us and join the effort. We are fortunate to have the FAA’s main “UAS” research and development department also located in New Jersey.

Are you doing your part to keep UAS airspace safe and legal?  It’s not just illegal to take pictures or video for any commercial purpose. It is also illegal to fly over people, fly at night, fly over 400 feet or fly within 5 miles of an airport without authorization. If you observe or suspect illegal commercial operations you can report it to the FAA using THIS LINK